Furnace Cleanings

A furnace not cleaned yearly can waste as much as 30% of a full tank of oil. It also can create additional service calls and cleaning charges. You can conserve fuel by cleaning your furnace annually.

Your annual furnace cleaning will include:

  • A thorough tune up of your oil burner and all controls
  • Brushing and vacuuming of your heating system and smoke pipe
  • Lubrication of all working components
  • Oiling and adjustments to ensure maximum operating efficiency of your burner
  • Inspecting of your oil tank
Call us today to schedule your annual furnace cleaning!

Furnace Cleaning - Active Oil Customer $125.00 – Parts Additional.

Furnace Cleaning - Non Oil Customer $150.00 – Parts Additional.
Payment in the form of cash or credit card due at time of Service

At the discretion of the service technician, additional labor may be charged for units that are not maintained annually.

Labor - $80.00/Hour

Service Calls

Should a problem occur outside our normal operating hours, our fully licensed technicians are on-call 24 hours a day to offer emergency boiler and furnace services.

24 Hour Emergency Service is available to our Active Oil Customers Only

Emergency Service Calls (Parts & Labor Not Included)- $90.00

Emergency Service Calls -Sundays & Holidays (Parts & Labor Not Included)- $110.00

Labor - $80.00/Hour

Services List

Just some of the many services we provide:
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Furnace/Boiler Cleanings & Tune Ups
  • Boiler, Furnace & Hot Water Heater Replacements
  • Miscellaneous Repairs

Furnace & Boiler Installations

Did You Know?
If your oil burner is over 10 years old, it should be replaced with a new energy efficient Carlin Elite Burner, which we install and service. Older furnaces often perform poorly and can be noisy. Keeping your furnace or boiler maintained regularly will help make your home more energy efficient. Inefficient furnaces can cause a variety of problems that lead to unnecessary heating costs. It is not uncommon for furnaces to break down due to not being properly maintained, however the repairs might cost more than a new furnace would. If you are considering replacing your furnace or boiler, please contact our office to set up an appointment. One of our technicians will inspect your current heating system and recommend which replacement options will work best for you.

Introducing The Upgrade & Save – Connecticut Rebate Program

Studies show that heating system upgrades can reduce your annual energy expenses by 30-40 percent and pay for themselves in just a few short years through these savings. Now, you can make that payback come even quicker and start saving immediately with the Upgrade & Save – Connecticut Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate Program. Through this program, you’ll receive:

  • $500 for the replacement/high efficiency upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace or boiler to a higher-efficiency model
  • $300 for the installation of a safety-reinforced, aboveground oil storage tank to replace an existing tank determined to be unsafe
  • One rebate per household
These rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and for a limited time only, so don’t put your heating equipment upgrade off until next year. Talk to us about Upgrade & Save – Connecticut today! Find Out More!

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