Pricing & Payment Plans

Given the current state of our economy and fluctuating market, our oil prices may vary from day to day. To find out today’s price, please call our office at 860-546-9492 or send us an email on our Contact Us page.

To help ease the financial burden of heating oil, we offer a Balanced Budget Payment Plan. The plan is available to customers who have at least ONE year's worth of credit history and fuel oil usage with us.

  • Our Budget Plan allows customers to pay a set amount each month with no interest added to their balance. The budget amount is calculated based upon your oil usage during the past heating oil season and today's estimated market price.
  • The Budget Plan begins annually each September and runs for ten months, concluding the following June.
  • We do not include any past due balances in the budget payment amounts. All remaining balances must be paid in full before the start of the program each September.
  • How do we calculate your budget payment?

    Total Projected Gallons x Projected Price Per Gallon = Total Estimated Cost

    Total Estimated Cost - Credit Balance ÷ 10 Monthly Payments = Your Estimated Budget Payment

Senior Discount: Senior Citizens (65 and older) on our Automatic Delivery Program will receive a 4 cent discount off of the price of oil.

Volume Discount: Customers with multiple or large tanks may qualify for a volume discount. Ask about our volume discounts during your next phone call or delivery to see if you qualify!

Discounts can only be received by customers on Automatic Delivery or Will-Call customers filling their tanks. Automatic Delivery customers calling to "Top Off" their tanks or will-call customers calling for minimum deliveries are not eligible for discounts.

In order to qualify for a senior or volume discount, your delivery must meet our minimum discount requirement of 125 gallons.

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